Youth Officer

Pursuant to Article 23 of the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies and the Conclusion of the 57th session of the Government adopted on 23 March 2021, the state administration bodies, municipalities, municipalities in the city of Skopje and the city of Skopje are obliged to appoint a youth officer, responsible for the work to the Youth Office for coordination, implementation and monitoring of issues of interest to young people within the competence of the institution.

Stefan Dojchinoski

tel: 02 / 328- 24-82

mob: +389 76 344 684

The Youth Officer performs the following tasks and responsibilities:
1. development, planning and monitoring of activities related to youth and youth policies,

  1. supporting the work of the state administration body, the implementation of its program, reporting and transparency,
  2. maintaining communication and regular cooperation with youth forms of association and youth,
  3. monitoring the needs of young people by providing research for the needs of the state administration body, the municipality, youth consultations and monitoring and informing on analyses and research on trends in young people,
  4. providing information and informing the youth,
  5. maintaining a database of various youth activities, active forms of youth association and informal youth groups for the needs of the Research Center of the Agency for Youth and Sports,
  6. regular communication with the Agency for Youth and Sports,
  7. acting as the point of contact for all your related issues of the state administration body with respect to the youth and public
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