We have increased the efficiency and speed of operation of all aircraft – the Army has provided refueling of helicopters near the critical points

With efficient army engagement and support from REK Bitola and AD Makpetrol, the efficiency and speed of operation of all helicopters involved in extinguishing the fires in the Berovo-Delchevo area has significantly increased.

The Minister of Defense Radmila Shekerinska, who visited the Army members today, expressed her sincere gratitude to them and their colleagues from Serbia and Slovenia for their superhuman efforts to extinguish the fires and said that the members of the Army continue motivated and dedicated in the fight against fires.

“Today is not even noon, but our aircraft, our pilots and technicians, have been in the air for 5 hours and have assisted several times in dealing with the most severe fires on completely inaccessible terrain. Here in the part of the municipality of Berovo we have an improvised helipad where the helicopters land, refuel, manage to provide water from the reservoirs nearby and can immediately return to the field. “It has greatly shortened the time for intervention and allows all these helicopters to react several times without returning to Petrovec,” the Minister said.

The Air Force VING Commander, Colonel Stojko Pejovski said that this installation shortens the time of operation from the Skopje airport, the aircraft remain close to the ground and the cycles of taking water and bringing water to the burned areas are drastically shortened.

“I am very proud of what we have done and I hope that we will continue to be able to react in a timely, rapid and efficient manner. The situation is currently under control, so far we have conducted a large number of overflights of all aircraft and we continue in the same way”said Colonel Pejovski.

The members of the Air Force VING on the ground were greeted by Prime Minister Zaev who thanked them for their outstanding contribution.

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