We are investing in the capabilities of every Army member, hence the strength of the Army – Minister Petrovska visits the members of the Army in the Water Training Camp

Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska visited today in Ohrid the members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia in the Water Training Camp, which is part of the Army Training Support Center in the Training and Doctrine Command.

Minister Petrovska talked to the Camp Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vancho Tashev, and conveyed the message that we are investing in human resources, along with equipping with new and modern equipment, which is the first priority for the Ministry and that water training is an important segment for the overall development of the capabilities of the Army members.

“The Ministry and the Army are actively investing in the capabilities of the army members. “The strength of our Army comes from the strength of each of our members individually and that is why we pay special attention to the Military Academy and all our training centers in the Army Training and Doctrine Command, including the Water Training Camp in Ohrid,” said Minister Petrovska.

The water training camp provides training in swimming, diving, making improvised vessels and overcoming water obstacles for the members of the Army, including the special units.

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