Together with the Allies, we are equipping the Army Light Infantry Battalion Group – UK sleeping systems donation

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, and the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Rachel Galloway attended the handover of a UK donation of sleeping systems made with the latest technology, intended for the Light Infantry Battalion Group, today, in the Gjorce Petrov barracks.

“The sleeping system were provided as a United Kingdom assistance through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. This was our chance to get the equipment that the Army really needs, but also to see how the NATO system works through the Support and Procurement Agency. During the summer, the laws were changed and from now on, we as an Army will be able to make purchases through the NATO agency. This was a chance with funds from the United Kingdom to get equipment with which our Light Infantry Battalion Group will be able to camp, to spend the night in all conditions – from summer to winter, with equipment of the highest quality used by other NATO countries”, informed the Minister.

The Minister emphasized that both the Ministry and the Government did everything for the Army to be transformed and equipped, to meet the needs of the citizens and the security of the country, but also to resemble an Army of a NATO member country.

“In the past period, our focus both in terms of personnel and in terms of working conditions, but also in terms of equipment, was placed on the Light Infantry Battalion Group in Shtip. We provided higher incomes and a really new structure of the Army, and at the same time we provided additional income for all members of the Light Infantry Battalion Group in Shtip. We are procuring state-of-the-art armoured vehicles that will be intended for this battalion group, and at the same time we have provided uniforms, sports equipment, GPS systems and additional camping equipment which is part of the equipment belonging to such a group”, said the Minister.
Shekerinska thanked Ambassador Galloway for the continuous support in the development of the defence and Army and said that in this way we will jointly develop forces that are true NATO forces.

Ambassador Galloway expressed satisfaction that the United Kingdom was donating extremely important equipment to the Light Infantry Battalion Group, which she said was one of the best in NATO member states. “This equipment will enable the infantry to operate in NATO missions, in expeditionary operations, in all weather conditions”, said the Ambassador, adding that the defence co-operation will continues to develop with an even stronger pace in the future.
“We are currently working with the Ministry of Defence to develop our bilateral plans for 2022 and 2023. As part of the areas of co-operation established to date, we will offer additional expertise within the infantry units, trainings and courses in the UK, defence counselling, and we will look at additional donation opportunities like the one we are handing over today”, said Galloway.

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