The light infantry battalion group in Shtip gets the most modern working conditions – a thorough reconstruction of the army facilities is in progress

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, visited the Shtip barracks where the Light Infantry Battalion Group is located, which is also the NATO declared army unit and where two buildings are in the stage of full reconstruction that will give them a new and modern look, and will have the highest energy efficiency.
“It was no accident that we decided to locate this NATO capacity, the Light Infantry Battalion Group, in Shtip. This was because we thought that we had enough youth and experience and that we have a sufficient number of members of the Army who will be able to achieve the necessary criteria. In this period, our main focus, both in terms of personnel and in terms of equipment and in terms of quality working conditions was Shtip. Even today, I am glad to be able to testify here that the activities regarding the serious renovation of two buildings in the barracks are going according to plan, with a great pace and I expect that all will be completed within the stipulated deadlines”, said the Minister.
Shekerinska said that the Shtip unit is placed as one of the priorities in the development of the Army.
“In addition to the increased salaries and allowances, in addition to the fact that the focus in the equipment, armament, protection, uniforms, sports equipment was placed on the unit in Shtip, in terms of investing in the infrastructure we also showing how important the Shtip unit and the Shtip barracks are for us. I am talking about the full renovation of buildings that are already older than 50 years and which from old and insufficiently maintained buildings will be transformed into modern and energy efficient buildings, where members of the Army and especially members of the Light Infantry Battalion will be able to work in better conditions. We will get more than 3,000 m2 completely renovated, modern, energy efficient buildings, with a complete firefighting system that will guarantee increased safety”, said Shekerinska. She added that in this way we are showing what it means to be a NATO Army, and we are showing how much the country is valuing its soldiers and officers and to what extent it has changed its policy regarding the investments in what is most important, and the security and defence as we often say, do not have a price.
Reconstruction of a large number of capital buildings of the Army and the Ministry is currently underway – except for the two buildings in the Shtip barracks, reconstructions of buildings and large facilities in the Goce Delchev barracks in Skopje are also underway, including the building of the Military Academy and a large building in the Ilinden barracks. Reconstruction of two additional facilities in the Ilinden barracks in Skopje will start soon, as well as facilities in the barracks in Petrovec, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Veles, and work is underway on the gasification of the barracks in Petrovec and Kumanovo, which significantly affects preserving the environment.

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