State Secretary Nikolic on a two-day visit to Slovenia

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dragan Nikolic, paid a two-day official visit to the Republic of Slovenia, at the invitation of his Slovenian counterpart, Uroš Lampret.

During the visit both State Secretaries discussed the excellent bilateral cooperation between the two ministries, with special emphasis on the training and education of members of both armies, issues related to logistics activities, defence procurements and NATO defence planning processes.

Both State Secretaries welcomed the forthcoming participation of the members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia within the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in the mission in Latvia within the Slovenian contingent and further confirmed the successful cooperation through the active participation of both countries in the regional initiatives, SEDM and BMTF, sharing the same visions for the region.

In the context of the Slovenian EU Presidency, State Secretary Lampret reaffirmed the support for the Republic of North Macedonia in achieving its strategic goal, EU membership.
During the two-day visit, State Secretary Nikolic visited the Park of Military History in Pivka, and also held talks at the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the Military Schools Centre in Maribor, where they discussed the military education system in the Republic of Slovenia, and the Military Museum of Slovenian Armed Forces.
In this manner, the strong relations and cooperation between the two allied and friendly countries were confirmed.

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