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The magazine “Shtit” is an illustrated magazine published by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of North Macedonia. The magazine is published once a month in 60 color pages, in Macedonian and Albanian. “Shtit” was first published in 2009.

The main objective and purpose of the magazine is to inform the public about the activities and achievements of the Army, educate on defense topics, present new weapons and equipment, publish military analyzes by eminent domestic and foreign experts, etc. “Shtit” publishes articles with various defense and security related content. The contents of the magazine are arranged in sections according to the topics of the articles (Info, Info Army, Frontline, NATO Activities, Global, Military Education, Armaments, Throughout Military History, Film, Optional, etc).

External collaborators who are competent in the topics they write about may also write for the magazine “Shtit”. The views of the external collaborators presented in the articles are not official views of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Dr. Janet Ristoska

Editorial office
Umit Rexhepi – graphic and technical editor
Kristina Ilievska – journalist, photos
Ksenija Miteva-Koteska – lecturer

Address of the editorial office
st. “Orce Nikolov no.116, 1000 Skopje

Phones: 02 / 312-82-76
02 / 311-35-27

Shield Magazine Publishing Board

President of the Publishing Council,
Colonel Ivan Atanasoski,
Head of the Sector for Communications, Analytics and Operational Support;

Vice President of the Publishing Council,
Dr. Toni Petreski,
Head of the Sector for Civil-Military Cooperation;

Members of the Publishing Council:

Lidija Jancovska Hristova, special advisor for public relations;
Sonja Kramarska, Special Advisor for Public Relations;
Afrdita Volina, Head of the Human Resources Department;
Lieutenant Colonel Toni Janevski, Chief of the Public Relations Office at the General Staff of the Army;
Lieutenant Colonel Liljana Petreska, Moral Officer in the Quality of Life and Morality Unit in the Personnel Section;
Lieutenant Colonel Violeta Kostadinova, Deputy Chief of Civil-Military Cooperation in the General Staff of the Army (Deputy Member);
Biljana Ivanova, Head of the Department for Publishing and Production;
Dr. Janet Ristoska, editor-in-chief of “Shield”.

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