Shekerinska with the soldiers engaged in the fire-fighting in Prilep: the Army provides key support in dealing with the fires

Minister of Defense, Radmila Shekerinska, visited today the Army members in the barracks in Prilep, as well as the soldiers who are engaged in dealing with the fires in the area of the village Toplica.

Shekerinska said that the Army gives and will continue to give great support in dealing with the fires across the country. She added that although the fire in the area of the village of Toplica has been extinguished, troops will continue to be present in the region.

“The Army provides key support to all central and local institutions in the Prilep region, where they have been active for several days on several locations. They managed to localize and extinguish most of the fires, but unfortunately I heard from them even today that new hotspots are appearing, some accessible, some inaccessible. “They shared with me their suspicion that some of these fires are deliberately set and therefore they continue to be present here to prevent the fire from re-igniting,” the Minister said.

The fire that broke out on inaccessible terrain 6 km from Toplica, will be extinguished in the afternoon hours by the plane of the Romanian Air Force, which arrived yesterday and immediately got engaged in dealing with the fires throughout the country.

The members of the Army informed Minister Shekerinska that there is an active, so-called emergency unit, in the Prilep barracks, which may be immediately engaged in extinguishing possible fires in this region if required.

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