Shekerinska visited a domestic company with experience in the NATO market. We quickly and efficiently opened the doors of companies to NATO tenders

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, visited the company “Veze Sharri” where, in a meeting with its owner, Arben Abdurahmani, they discussed ways for the state to continue helping producers who should be more ambitious with the NATO membership, to increase production and thus create new jobs.
“This domestic company shows that it is possible to break into the NATO market even before the country becomes a member of the NATO Alliance. Together with the owner, our renowned businessman from ‘Veze Sharri’, we talked about the ways in which the state can continue to help such producers with our NATO membership to be more ambitious, to really open new doors and to enable a larger amount and greater production, and that means more jobs at home. That is the goal of our Center for Support of Domestic Companies. I want to once again call on domestic companies to apply, to take advantage of the benefits we give them, and that is above all a fast and efficient procedure. We have shown that in just a few days we can officially open the doors to the NATO market with the quality of our products, with the competitive price, and enable them to win on these tenders”, said the Minister.
Shekerinska said that the Government is fully open to agribusiness and that it will continue to help all domestic producers to expand their business and create new jobs. She congratulated Veze Sharri on its success so far and added that the experience of this company should be an incentive for all domestic companies to be even more successful in their work.
“What I saw today speaks of the two decades of engagement at home and experience abroad. We, as the Government, can invest in domestic production with support, and domestic producers can definitely show us the direction and give us additional ideas”, said the Minister.
The director of Veze Sharri, Abdurahmani, welcomed the Ministry’s approach that allows our companies to export to NATO markets and encouraged all business owners to apply reassuring them that domestic companies have the capacity to supply the Alliance.
“I welcome the Ministry’s approach that allows our companies to export to NATO markets and I encourage all business owners that it is not so difficult to be able to supply NATO. As a company, in 2013 we received a license to supply NATO with our products and this step taken by the Ministry is very good and I hope that as soon as possible we will see more companies on the list of NATO markets”, said Abdurahmani.

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