Shekerinska: Historic NATO Summit, we have shown that we can contribute as an equal ally to the others

The Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska, together with the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, today at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels is attending in the NATO Leadership Summit.

“We are coming to this historic summit as a delegation of the 30 member state that did not wait for the Alliance to do something for it, but wanted to show that it knows how to contribute as well. We have sent the message in Krivolak, in Skopje, on the Balkans and here in Brussels that we are stronger together, that as a small country we have shown that we can invest in the regional and Euro-Atlantic security and that by solving political problems and investing in our own and our common security we can contribute as an ally, equal to the others”, said Minister Shekerinska in her statement before the summit.

This is the first leadership Summit in which a Macedonian delegation is taking part as a delegation of a full-fledged member country – a member of the Alliance.

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