Shekerinska – Guerini meeting: Strong Italian support for European integration, North Macedonia and Italy are also continuing the excellent defence cooperation

Italy continues to give strong support to the European integration path of North Macedonia, is the message from the Italian Minister of Defence, Lorenzo Guerini, given at the meeting with the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

In the context of defence, Shekerinska and Guerini concluded at the meeting that the bilateral cooperation is excellent and that the two countries continue to participate together in the mission of the Alliance in Kosovo and the United Nations mission in Lebanon, UNIFIL.

“With the participation of members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia in the NATO mission in Kosovo, we have taken active part in the region as a factor of stability and security”, the minister said and added that as of next summer, the Army will contribute in the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps, located in Italy, with one staff officer.

This year, the Bilateral Cooperation Plan with Italy in the field of defence includes 14 activities focused on military education and training, expert assistance and cooperation in the field of logistics.

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