Shekerinska as an honorary guest of the Vermont National Guard: Opportunities for training of our civil protection and rescue staff are being considered

“We are firmly convinced in the benefit that both our Army and the Vermont National Guard have from the extremely intense mutual cooperation. After the successful implementation of a larger number of joint exercises, we look forward to welcoming members of the Vermont National Guard to the upcoming “Swift Response 22” exercise, which focuses on airborne units”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska during the visit of the Vermont Air National Guard Base.

At the base Minister Shekerinska was briefed on the capacities of the units and the Joint Operations Centre, where the mutual commitment to continue the fruitful long-term defence cooperation between Northern Macedonia and Vermont was reaffirmed.

In the context of recent developments with the fires in our country, the visit of the Macedonian delegation to the Vermont Emergency Operations Centre was extremely important, where they exchanged information on the manner of dealing with natural disasters and possibilities for expanding the cooperation in this domain as well.

“One of the key issues is how to develop army capabilities that can be fully involved in a simple and efficient manner in the efforts of civilian institutions in dealing with natural disasters. Climate change, the effects of which we feel today, requires the organization of a system that is prepared for rapid coordination and quick engagement in the field. We are really grateful to you for sharing your experiences in dealing with forest fires”, the minister said during the visit of the Operations Centre.

Today, Shekerinska will meet with Vermont Lieutenant Governor, Molly Gray, and will also visit the Planning and Operations Training Area.

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