Quarterly report of the Inspection Department for the period July – September 2021

Pursuant to Article 166-d of the Law on Defence (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 42/01, 05/03, 8/06, 110/08, 51/11, 151/11, 185/11, 215/15 and 42/20), the Ministry of Defence is obliged to prepare and submit a quarterly report, which is published on the website of the Ministry.

In the period July-September 2021, the Defence Inspection Department performed an outstanding inspection of the documents in the field of defence in the Public Municipal Institution – Kindergarten (PMIK) “11 Oktomvri” Skopje, in line with the Order of the Minister of Defence.

The Defence Inspection Department prepared and submitted a Proposal for amending and supplementing the Law on Inspection Supervision and a Proposal for amending and supplementing the Rulebook on the manner of payment and the amount of allowances for relocation costs, transportation costs, performing duty service, guard duty and service of special military facilities and during time spent on troop travel and service under special conditions of active military and civilian personnel in service of the Army No. 01-1582/1 from 15.03.2021, in the part of Articles 6 to 9, which regulate the manner and conditions of exercising the right to transport costs.

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