Minister Shekerinska opened the memorial futsal tournament in honour of the fallen defenders

The Central Memorial Tournament in indoor soccer in honour of the fallen defenders, which was addressed by the Ministers of Defence and Interior, Radmila Shekerinska and Oliver Spasovski, respectfully, was opened this morning in the Sports Center “Boris Trajkovski”.
“The memorial tournament is our way of actively commemorating the fallen defenders every year, and thus expressing our gratitude and condolences to the families of every member of the armed forces who has laid down their lives during their service”, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who opened this year’s tournament.
Shekerinska stressed that the motivation and commitment of the representatives of the Association of Defenders – Heroes of Macedonia, to organize this tournament in indoor soccer, best shows respect for the courage of our defenders, your sons, husbands, fathers, our heroes.
She added that members of the Army, Police, all security services, along with firefighters, medical staff and all others who are part of such a system are people who are always ready to serve their citizens and their country.
“It is our duty to give our best and create conditions for them to do their job better. It is our duty and obligation to create new opportunities for prosperity, development and their progress. It is our duty and obligation to give that maximum every day, before them and on behalf of the future of our children”, said Shekerinska.
In his address, Minister Spasovski said: “One of the values that unites us, ennobles us morally and humanely – is the tradition, in which, among other things, the collective memory of what is virtuous, significant, what is close to us and immortal is woven. In this context, this Memorial Sports Event has the same noble goal – to bring us together, to constantly remind us of all our dear colleagues and friends, of their characters and sublime deeds in the name of the freedom of our country and its citizens.”
Spasovski added that with deep respect to all our fallen members of the security institutions, but also to their loved ones, whose loss is irreparable, we send a strong and important message: “We must never forget what we owe to the heroes, that we have a clear obligation to constantly aim for the better, for the humane, making the most of the opportunities given to us thanks to our defenders.”
The President of the Association “Heroes of Macedonia”, Vlado Stojanovski and the Secretary General of the Macedonian Police Union, Kiro Trajkovski also addressed today’s event.
“They, as members of the security forces, defended their homeland, defending sovereignty and integrity, selflessly giving their lives so that we could live in freedom and peace. Our heroes with their work will always be remembered and will live forever in the collective consciousness of the Macedonian people. If we can speak from eternity, we will tell you that the heroes do not die, their loss is felt, not only in the families, but also in the security forces”, said the President of the Association, Vlado Stojanovski in his address
The Secretary General of the Macedonian Police Union, Kiro Trajkovski, on behalf of the members of the police union expressed gratitude for the heroic deed of the fallen colleagues, which is too small compared to their self-sacrifice which is grounded in the future of our homeland. He added that they will always be there for the families of the defenders, as much as they can.

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