Meeting of Minister Petrovska with the futsal team of the Army

Today, at the Ministry of Defence, the Minister of Defence Slavjanka Petrovska met with the team of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia in indoor soccer that will compete in the upcoming thirteenth tournament “CISM Futsal Cup for Peace” to be held in Novi Sad, the Republic of Serbia, from 19 -24 June 2022.

During the meeting, Minister Petrovska wished a lot of success to our members at the upcoming tournament, stating that she was sure that they would leave their hearts and souls on the court and reach the desired goal at the upcoming tournament.
“Physical fitness is part of the combat readiness of the members of the Army. In the upcoming tournament, first and foremost, you will be demonstrating your physical fitness and your team spirit. Team spirit is the basis for every success. But, in order to be successful, you need to have the conditions for that. Sports engagement, physical fitness and conditions are an integral part of the development of the Army. You cannot have a good Army if you do not have well-trained, motivated and satisfied members of the Army and that is why in recent years we have been seriously committed to improving the working conditions and capacities for the members of the Army and we will continue in the same manner”, said Petrovska.

In the past 17 years as the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia has been a member of the International Military Sports Council (CISM), our members have participated in several disciplines in the summer and winter games, and we have achieved the best results in skiing – biathlon, athletics, futsal, wrestling, archery and swimming.

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