• Participation of the Republic of North Macedonia in the KFOR mission

In October 2020, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, adopted a Decision to send 44 (2-staff officers to the KFOR General Command in Prishtina, 1 non-commissioned officer and 1 security platoon to the KFOR Regional Command – West in Peja/Peć) members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia as contribution to the NATO KFOR operation in the Republic of Kosovo.

The first contingent of Macedonian peacekeepers in the NATO KFOR operation in the Republic of Kosovo was deployed on 1November 2020. The contingent deployed within the Italian contingent.

As of April 2021, the contribution to the NATO KFOR operation has increased by 21 members, or a total of 65 members.

  • KFOR logistic support

Taking into account the priorities in the field of logistics not only nationally, but also more in line with the requirements and needs of the Alliance, the Host Nation Support Coordination Center started operating in April 2005 as part of NATO Headquarters in Skopje, a project implemented for the first time with a Partnership for Peace member. The project was initially implemented at the suggestion of General Blease, who was the commander of the NATO force in Skopje at the time. The project initially involved 11 ARM officers, who successfully completed their training on the provision of host nation support. Promoting their expertise and achievements, in 2006 these officers became the foundation of the Coordination Center, which gradually began preparations to take on the task of supporting KFOR.

In June 2007, given its great importance and projected goals, the Coordination Center was included in the formation of the Logistic Support Command in the General Staff of the ARM. In this way, in addition to participating in the Mission in Iraq, Afghanistan, BiH and Lebanon, the ARM also participates in a mission in support of Kosovo.

To date, more than twenty ARM officers have been trained to work in the Coordination Center, which is very useful for planning and supporting similar missions in the near future for us.

The Army of the Republic of North Macedonia provides medical support to the personnel of the KFOR forces, fuel as well as escort and protection of NATO KFOR forces transiting through the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia

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