Housing issue resolved for all members of the Army, those who live in apartments from the former JNA fund can now buy them and resolve their housing issue

With the adoption of the Law on the sale of apartments from the former JNA Fund and the formation of the Commission in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the conditions have been fulfilled for the families of Army members living in apartments from the former JNA Fund, after three decades of uncertainty, to finally buy these apartments and be “their own masters”.

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, informed on this at today’s press conference, together with the Minister of Transport and Communications, Blagoj Bochvarski.

“This is one of the topics opened by the General Staff and many members of the Army who have been working in the Ministry of Defence since 2018. At that meeting I could see that our current employees in the Ministry and some former retirees were already tired of the unfulfilled promises that this issue would be resolved. One period they were promised that they would be able to buy the apartments, one period they were promised that they would get an apartment within the so-called project, ARM – My Real Home, but the years had passed by and this issue had not been resolved. From that moment we really started to communicate with all the related institutions, and we cooperated with the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia. We are really working according to all the rules and we even went through the more difficult path because we believed that we had to be determined to solve the problem and as a result of this determination we finally managed to solve the problem”, Minister Shekerinska said.

Shekerinska said that like the other members of the Army who receive housing allowance of over 8,000 denars per month, now these people who use this type of housing will be provided for and feel confident. The Minister called on all users of such apartments to submit a request to the Commission no later than 15 January of next year.

“Today’s press conference is aimed at calling on all officers, soldiers, all persons from the Ministry and the Army who have previously received such apartments from the housing fund of the former JNA to submit a request for purchase of the apartments to the Commission that has already been established, to do this within 6 months from the moment the Law was passed, which means by 15 January, and to solve the problem which obviously for many previous administrations and many previous governments, only seemed unsolvable, yet it was solvable, could have been solved, but was constantly postponed . The defence has really changed, the Army has really changed and it has changed for the better. The care for all our current and retired employees, who we did not forget in this Law, is really our top priority. You cannot expect that the people who are in the Army or in the defence, will be here when the country is in a crisis, when they need to defend it, and in the meantime forget about their needs”, said Minister Shekerinska.

Minister Bochvarski explained the process of submitting a Request and what documents are needed when applying and added that the Ministry of Transport and Communications has shown strong commitment towards caring for all citizens.

“We take equal care of all citizens and all categories of citizens in our country. We are showing that everyone is important, that we listen to the problems and that we find solutions with strong institutional cooperation in order to resolve another problem that some of our citizens faced and had to be overcome”, said Minister Bochvarski.

Lieutenant Colonel Toni Janevski, user of one of these apartments, on behalf of all affected users of apartments from the former JNA fund, thanked the Minister for her personal commitment and determination to overcome this problem, as well as appreciation to all the other institutions involved in the development and adoption of this extremely important law.

“Despite the fact that as members of the Army we are optimistic; over the years we had slowly lost the optimism that this problem will be solved. Through inter-institutional cooperation and coordination, the legal solution that we have before us was reached, which gives me the right to say that each individual, each of us is equally important for the Ministry of Defence and the Army”, said Lt Col Janevski.

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