Cooperation with the United States – additional impetus in strengthening disinformation management capacities

In coordination with the Office of Defence Cooperation (ODC) of the United States, on 26 and 27 October 2021, representatives of the Regional Information Support Team (RIST) from the US Special Operations Command paid a visit to the Public Affairs Regional Center (PARC).

The purpose of the talks was to review and define the possibilities and ways for establishing cooperation between the PARC and the US Regional Information Support Team in order to develop PARC’s preventive capacity for countering disinformation.

Establishing cooperation with the US Regional Information Support Team is of particular importance and comes at an extremely important time for the development of PARC’s disinformation management capacity, but also for the development of the overall disinformation management system of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia. The support from the US Regional Information Support Team will be realized through training of PARC’s certified media trainers on countering disinformation based on the principle “train the trainer”, but also through professional support for creating and piloting an international course for countering disinformation and building resilience during 2022.

The completion of all phases of the planned trainings as well as the preparation and piloting of the course on dealing with disinformation and building resilience and offering it to all NATO and Partner countries will give additional impetus to strengthening the overall capacity for countering fake news and disinformation not only within the Ministry of Defence, but also more broadly within NATO and partner countries.

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