Central African Republic

EUTM CAR “Central African Republic”


The European Union Training Mission of the Central African Republic – “EUTM CAR” was established by the UN Security Council Resolution 2134 (2014), whereby the EU forces contribute to achieving a secure environment in the Bangui area as part of the international efforts to protect the population and to create conditions for the provision of humanitarian aid. Following the first extension of the mission from 2018 to 2020, the Council of the European Union extended the deployment of forces for another two-year term, until 19 September 2022. The mission of the EU forces in the CAR is to support the development of a modern, effective, credible, ethnically balanced and democratically accountable Armed Forces of the CAR.

By Decision of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia no. 08-4203/1 dated 26.11.2020 two staff officers in this mission were sent in December 2020.

In the EUTM CAR, in addition to the Republic of North Macedonia, 8 EU members and 4 other countries (partners and/or membership aspirants) are providing their contribution.

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