I congratulate the given oath and wish you and urge you in the next four years to be hungry for knowledge. Always ask for more because knowledge and skills are the characteristics that are most vital for the development of each man and each society. This is a characteristic that should separate you from the others. Only those that fight everyday to expand their horizons and to learn something more, only they are successful.

Distinguished guests,
This oath is not just a half-an-hour point in the calendar. It is very important for all of us. These young boys and girls are full with enthusiasm and with the will to prove their capabilities in the future. I have always said that education is the key for the future of each person and this is why I wish you, cadets, and your parents, to have successful 4 years. We in the Ministry of Defence and in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia are waiting for you to arrive appropriately educated after 4 years. I know how significant education is for each child because I am a parent as well and I have sons in the same age group as you. One of the biggest investments of each person and parent is the investment in education and knowledge. This is why I wish you successful 4 years. And this is why from the first day in the Ministry of Defence, I was fully committed to the improvement of the education process, but also the requirements for continuity in learning and advancement. If it is thought that the Military Academy exists on the margins of the defence, this is totally wrong. The Military Academy is the heart of the officer corps. With it we receive highly-trained professional soldiers with high moral and ethic values. In it all officers and members of the Army have the opportunity to be educated further on as well, because the educational process does not last only 4 years.

Distinguished Dean of the Academy,
You are managing an institution that has its own renown. An institution which is also known and recognized outside the Republic of Macedonia. Evidence for this are the seven cadets from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo. Macedonia and the region entrusted in you the future lieutenant colonels, colonels, generals. I know that this is a major responsibility for you but also for the students who study at the Military Academy.

Distinguished cadets,
Several things are important in life. One of the most important is education and you are in the shrine where you will gain appropriate education. Ethical and moral values are vital for success. The oath that you previously gave contains those ethical and moral values. You are here to protect, safeguard and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. Be committed to the defence of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our fatherland, the Republic of Macedonia. Serve the nation and others, and after that yourselves. Be honourable with integrity and highest moral and ethical standards, in your conduct as officers and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. Be devoted to the hard work, to the studying and devoted to the team. Teamwork is very significant for success. Have strong leadership, creativity and critical thinking.

The discipline, personal responsibility and respect of rule of law are very significant for the success of every individual, for the prosperity of each family and our fatherland. We should also respect different viewpoints as a foundation for development and making correct decisions.

You should also respect the other persons, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, and to continue further with your higher education, knowledge and skills, and with these moral and ethical norms, you will be real officers and real citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, respected by everyone should you have these values.

This is why you have my unequivocal support. We will work together to make the Academy even more better. Together, through the employment of half of the courses for third and fourth year in English language, we will help you, our cadets, to be able to go through at least one semester on one of the Academies of NATO member states, and cadets from those academies to come here. We are preparing you to be officers of the Republic of Macedonia and NATO officers. This is why I am strongly convinced that together with your support, with the support of your professors and the support of the Academy, we will manage to achieve this goal.

The great Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world”. I wish to send this message – help us become the most powerful. Help us with the aid of the most powerful weapon in the world – knowledge, to make the world and the Republic of Macedonia a more better place for living!

Long live the Republic of Macedonia!
Long live the Army of the Republic of Macedonia!