ADDRESS by H.E. Zoran Jolevski, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, on the occasion of the official oath of the 19th class of the Military Academy and the promotion of the new generation of 2nd Lieutenants 26 October 2015, Skopje

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honor and pleasure to speak on the day of the official oath of the 19th class and the graduation of the 15th class from the Military Academy. All of us here today are proud of you and your choice of the military profession.

Dear cadets of the 19th class,

I congratulate your choice of the military profession and I wish you a good welcome in the Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski.” In the previous period you have gone through a rigorous process of selection, training and education and you proved that you are the best among the best. You had a strong will, motivation and desire to be chosen to wear the symbols and uniform of the national armed and security forces of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The high education of every youth represents an unforgettable time devoted to the gaining of the most modern knowledge and skills and gaining new long-lasting friendships. At the Military Academy you have a unique opportunity to gain traditional and most modern military knowledge and skills, to qualify for critical thinking, to develop your creativity and courage. Your high knowledge and skills, your leadership abilities, creativity and courage are needed by the national armed and security forces of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Your friendships are an investment for high mutual trust and close military cooperation in the region.

I, as the Minister of Defence, wish to send you a message to intensively study and work devotedly, honestly and humanely. I want to tell you that we are beginning an intensive process of transformation of the Military Academy into a University of National Security and Defence, a University where part of the subjects will be studied in English, a University which will enable you to spend a semester at one of the top universities of NATO and the United States. All this will make you more capable soldiers. We are in the process to provide as of next year to have cadets from other military academies of NATO countries to be with you. This will also strengthen the friendship. We are preparing you to be the future NATO officers.

Dear young 2nd Lieutenants from the 15th class,

Your graduation confirms that you are willing to accept your future tasks and complex new challenges in the upcoming military career. You just passed the first stage of the military profession and we believe that you are officers full of high expertise, training, courage, strength, perseverance, loyalty and commitment to the defence of your fatherland. But, your learning and professional development does not stop here. You need to continue to learn because that is how the most capable officers are trained.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please allow me on this official occasion to pay tribute to all the professors, assistants, instructors, commanders and the entire staff of the Military Academy for their dedicated work and achievements in the course of the education. They are a key factor for the development of the Military Academy. The best investment for every young person is the investment in education. These skills acquired here, and for the 19th class, the skills that they will gain here, will follow you your whole life. This is why your professors, assistants and commanders pay great importance to your training.

Dear Parents,

You can especially be proud of your sons and daughters before you. With the way that you have raised them, your sons and daughters have become not just yours, but to the homeland as well.