MD Speeches

Intervention by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Н.Е. Fatmir Besimi Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers with non-NATO ISAF Contributors (06 October 2011, Brussels)

Secretary General, Ministers, Generals, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,  It is my great honour and pleasure to join you and greet you all for the first time, here and today in Brussels, within this important forum. I would like to therefore, aside from the standard procedures, express my utmost commitment to further the significant contribution […]

Address by H.E. Fatmir Besimi, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial Meeting (SEDM Ministerial Meeting) 02/03 October 2011, Antalya, Republic of Turkey

Distinguished colleague Yilmaz, Distinguished colleagues Ministers and senior representatives of the member states and states observers to the SEDM process, Commanders, Admirals, Generals, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, Dear colleagues and friends, Please allow me to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for the warm reception and wonderful organization of this meeting. Thank you for […]

ADDRESS by the Minister of Defence, Fatmir Besimi, on the occasion of the Day of the First Mechanized Infantry Brigade

Shtip, 16 September 2011 Respected members of the First Mechanized Infantry Brigade, Respected officers, soldiers, guests! I cannot keep away from the immense pleasure that I am speaking in front of the echelons of the popular “Scorpions from the function of the Minister of Defence”, the popular unit with an even more popular past, formed […]

Remarks by Defense Minister Fatmir Besimi the official handover of the Minister for Defence of the Republic of Macedonia

Skopje, 29.07.2011 Dear previous Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia and colleague Zoran Konjanovski, Dear Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Macedonia, Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski, Dear representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Generals, Dear foreign representatives, Media representatives, Distinguished guests, Today, […]