Participation in “Iraqi Freedom” mission

With the political consensus of all political entities in the RM as well as the overall Macedonian public in terms of the support of the Coalition in the fight against terrorism, the Republic of Macedonia is taking active participation by sending its units in the Iraqi Freedom Mission.

Based on all legal authorizations, the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia adopted decisions for sending its units to the Iraqi Freedom Mission in the period between June 2003 and December 2008 for each mission separately every 6 months during the term of the mission.

The Mission started by sending 2 officers in the US Central Command in Tampa, in March 2003.

Upon the completion of the major combat operations, the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime, and the adoption of Resolution 1546 of the United Nations Security Council, in June 2003 on sending a special task platoon that executed the tasks as part of the 4th infantry division of the Multi-National Force Iraq. In 2008, our participation in the Iraqi Freedom Mission was increased by an additional platoon. A total of 11 rotations were conducted between June 2003 and December 2008. The eleventh rotation was the last, which completed our participation in the Iraqi Mission. The overall number of personnel that participated in this mission is 490.

In the execution of the mission, the soldiers and officers faced different challenges, threats and dangers resulting from their mission and profession. During the mission, the ARM representatives showed professionalism, a high level of training and readiness in the execution of the missions. With their dedication, courage, responsibility and patriotism shoulder to shoulder with the US soldiers and the soldiers of the other coalition partners presented our homeland the Republic of Macedonia in a dignified manner and in the best possible light. The greatest confirmation of their success are the 120 medals presented by the US. Thus, we say that they are the best ambassadors of the country.

The Army of the Republic of Macedonia gave its specific contribution by assisting in building strong credible democratic institutions and highly trained security forces in Iraq, forces which guarantee the future of their country as well as the stability and security in their environment and beyond.