International cooperation

The international dimension of the defence policy of the Republic of Macedonia is an integral part of the common international state policy. Since the establishing of the Republic of Macedonia as an independent and sovereign state, the international defence policy of the Republic of Macedonia has been built upon clear principles.

Since its very beginning, the Republic of Macedonia has established and directed its strategy, primarily, towards the Euro-Atlantic political and security structures wishing to fully join them, namely the EU and NATO as well as other international organisations such as the United Nations, OSCE, WEU, Council of Europe etc. The active participation of the Republic of Macedonia in all of these structures is a long-term goal of the state and it sees its position as a full member in the new European political and security system.

Beside building of its own defence system, Republic of Macedonia has decided to build its strategy upon the collective security and defence systems membership since being a part of the European security mechanism is the only way to achieve greater efficiency and higher combat readiness as well as protection of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the country.

Those are the pillars upon which Republic of Macedonia bases its wish for full NATO membership. Regarding that, the Republic of Macedonia has been working intensively in several fields.