Deputy Minister Maksuti at an expert conference on strategic communications and combating hybrid threats

Deputy Minister of Defense, Bekim Maksuti, as part of the Expert Conference on strategic communications and combating hybrid threats, taking place at the oldest Military Academy Theresan in Vienna, Austria, delivered a lecture on these topics that are of crucial importance in the field of defense and security.

Maksuti addressed the present professors and academics, as well as the representatives from the Ministries of Defense from the Western Balkan region, and talked about the growing number of misinformation faced by countries, but also about the manner of their disclosure, in order to deliver correct, timely and clear information to the citizens, which is a priority for the Ministry and the Government.

North Macedonia and its partners, and soon allies in NATO, is continuously developing its capacities in the field of strategic communications and the fight against hybrid threats, the Deputy Minister stated.

The expert conference is conducted with the concerted efforts of the Austrian Ministry of Defense and the Finnish Center of Excellence dedicated to the fight against hybrid threats.