Familiarization with the cultural and historical heritage of Macedonia – part of the Summer Campus 2014

In the framework of the fourth phase, the participants in this year’s Summer Campus 2014 had the opportunity to get introduced to the cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Macedonia and to get to know each better and make new friends.

Namely, as part of an organized tour, the participants visited Bitola, where they had the opportunity to learn some things from the cultural – historical offer of this city. They visited the Museum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and during their free time they strolled along the well-known Shirok Sokak.
The tour continued to the Balkan pearl, Ohrid, where the Dean of the Military Academy, Colonel Orce Popovski, Ph.D. hosted a dinner, after which the participants were taken for an evening stroll in the city where they were able to witness the long Macedonian tradition and the beauties of the country.

The following day, the UK Ambassador to Tirana and the respective Defence Attaches of the UK to Skopje, Belgrade and Sarajevo, together with the Dean of the Military Academy walked in the old part of the city, visited the Samuil Fortress and the compound “St. Jovan Kaneo”. They expressed their pleasure with the organization of the Campus and pledged same or similar activities for the future as well.