The evaluation of the medium declared company of the battle group and the NBC section for the EU has begun

NATO evaluation Level 2 of the medium declared company from the EU BG II/2012 and the NBC section from the 1st motorized infantry brigade according to the OCC has been initiated.

NATO evaluation Level 2 of the unit started on 19 May 2012 in the barracks “Chede Filipovski-Dame” in Kichevo. In the following two days, according to NATO OCC, the training level, the operational capability and the combat readiness of the above units will be evaluated.

According to the dynamics of the activity, the first part of the evaluation of the EU BG II/2012 company and the NBC section began by issuing a Warning order, briefing of the company commander on the preparedness of the company, which was followed by mustering the units with their entire armament, combat assets, materiel and the available equipment. According to the scenario, the EU BG II/2012 company was tasked to conduct a march towards TA Krivolak, during which it encountered different incidents and upon arrival at Krivolak it established a base.

According to the plan and scenario of the exercise, today the infantry company is planned to carry out the following activities: road blocks and demonstrations, securing of the base, crown control, action in case of an infantry attack, medical evacuation and a mobile patrol. The evaluation of the two units will be conducted jointly by NATO and ARM evaluation teams.

Tomorrow, as part of the exercise, in addition to continuing the activities for evaluation of the units, an opening ceremony for the exercise “COOPERATIVE LONGBOW/LANCER 2012” will be held, where in addition to ARM members, representatives of 15 NATO and PfP member countries will take part.