The new service uniform for ARM members has been introduced

“Today with this ceremony we are introducing the new service uniform for officers and NCOs in the Army of the Republic of Macedonia. Our goal is for members of the Army to have a nice and good quality service uniform for which we consulted experts, but also the members of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia.

This was stated by the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Jolevski, on today’s ceremony in the Army Home, which was attended by Ministers in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, representatives of the Ministry and the General Staff of the ARM.

In his address the Minister pointed out that the service uniforms are a Macedonian product – the production of fabric and sewing is done in Macedonia. Regarding the procurement, the Minister stressed that it started and ended in 2015, while over the last year the production of the uniform was realized. “Of the 20 elements on the service uniform, 19 are already in the warehouses of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia”, added Jolevski.

This project, as well as the projects such as the upgrade of the building of the Ministry with new 1400 square meters and 59 rooms, the opening of canteens in the barracks, and of course the capital project for the modernization of the Army are with the goal of improving the standard of members of the Army, which is a priority for the Ministry of Defence. In terms of modernization, the Minister informed that next week two overhauled helicopters of the ARM Air Force will be flown in Macedonia. He also added that next week new equipment for the Special Operations Regiment will arrive.

On questions from the press, Minister Jolevski said that the process of procurement of 1,100 pieces of camouflaged uniforms is under way and that preparations have begun for the purchase of 7,000 new pieces of camouflaged uniform. Regarding the migrant crisis, the minister pointed out that the situation is being monitored and that appropriate strategies and plans will be put in function adequately.