Shekerinska and Wallace met in Brussels: New Agreement on Defence Cooperation signed with the UK

Following yesterday’s session of the North Atlantic Council, Minister Shekerinska had a sep-arate meeting with UK Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace.

Ministers Shekerinska and Wallace signed a new Agreement on Defence Cooperation be-tween North Macedonia and the United Kingdom, a document replacing the existing bilateral cooperation agreement of 2007 and agreed that this agreement would allow for even closer and more extensive co-operation between the two friendly and allied countries and armies.

“We greatly appreciate the fact that you are dedicated and helping to transform our Army. With the new Defence Cooperation Agreement, our defence cooperation will grow into cooperation between two allied countries, “Minister Shekerinska said at the meeting.

Minister Wallace expressed his satisfaction that the process toward full membership of our country in NATO is nearing completion and pointed out that the United Kingdom intensively supports the development and reforms of the defence and the Army.

North Macedonia and the United Kingdom have substantially intensive defence coopera-tion, especially in the field of defence policy, peacekeeping operations, training and exercises, and in recent years also in the area of advisory assistance in defence sector development and reform, implementation of the Strategic Defence Review and the development of the Light Infantry Battalion Group, as a unit declared within the Alliance. Since 2017, the UK has sent several defence advisers to the Ministry and Brigadier General Hugh Lloyd Jones is currently providing expert support to the Army transformation process and the development of the Light Infantry Battalion Group