Video conference meeting of Minister Shekerinska with defence – diplomatic representatives: Let’s show that the allies have received a serious and responsible NATO member

Today, Minister Radmila Shekerinska held a meeting via video conference with the defence attachés of our country in the USA, France, Turkey and Germany, as well as with the defence – diplomatic representatives in the headquarters and commands of the Alliance.

Shekerinska thanked our representatives abroad for all their efforts so far in representing North Macedonia in NATO, but also our allies in Washington, Paris, Ankara and Berlin.

North Macedonia, said Minister Shekerinska, after thirty years is a full member of the Alliance and equally participates in the round table with the other 29 allies, and the defence diplomats played an important role in this success for the country. Now is the time to show that after the full membership, not only has the motivation not reduced, but that we are a serious and responsible member that will carry out the obligations of NATO membership properly – said the Minister.

“We should be clear that we appreciate the support of the allies for our full membership, but to also show that with the membership of North Macedonia in NATO they received a responsible member that knows what it wants, that will fulfil the obligations arising from full membership. The results that we will achieve in NATO are building our positions in the EU as well. This will be a year of intensive reforms at home, committed to both strategic goals equally”, the minister said.

Minister Shekerinska requested from the defence diplomatic representatives a coordinated and precise engagement in the intensification of the bilateral cooperation with the countries where they are stationed, and the focus of the cooperation to be in the interest of both parties – to seek support where we need it, but to also offer what we have as a capability or capacity.