Shekerinska: Military Range Krivolak will be the best NATO Exercise Range on the European continent

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, and the Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurchinovski, together with the Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation at the US Embassy, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Mayeda, inspected today the construction work at the Krivolak Military Range where the Engineering Battalion of the Army is rebuilding the road infrastructure and also building new roads.
“The Krivolak Military Range is a great resource for our Army, but the Krivolak Military Range will also be an excellent resource for the NATO Alliance. With the investments we are already making, with the modernization that we are planning with our own forces and with the support of the US Army, I am convinced that the Krivolak Military Range will be the best NATO Exercise Range on the European continent”, stressed Minister Shekerinska and added that this exercise range provides the answer to the question what our country can offer to the NATO Alliance.
Shekerinska said that the investments made in the Army in the past period, especially the investments in the Engineering Battalion, are visible in practice.
“We are showing how important the engineering units within the Army are, which on the basis of their own forces, are practically able to build the Krivolak infrastructure. With this infrastructure we will increase the mobility within the military range, but we will also increase the capacity for carrying out exercises, and this will really be in the range that other countries do not have, or do not have the conditions for. I expect that this will be a resource for our Army, it will be a resource for NATO, but it will also be a resource for the local development because with the opportunity to carry out large exercises here, we will have greater consumption and greater interest from several NATO armies. ”

Minister Shekerinska congratulated the members of the engineering units, who are rapidly realizing the tasks with the new mechanization. How much the modernization will increase the capacity of the Krivolak Military Range will be seen next year when part of the largest exercise in Europe, “Defender”, will be realized in our country with the participation of allied armies – Shekerinska said.
“I believe that this shows the capacities of our Army and it is no coincidence that it is already a NATO Army”, the Minister said.

The Commander of the Engineering Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Tome Peev, said that the Engineering Battalion has been working for 30 days to build a new and rebuild the existing infrastructure of MR Krivolak in order to provide a ring road system around the perimeter of the border of MR Krivolak and an internal connection with a total distance of 75 km.