Following the academic part, the cadets from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, the UK and Turkey and the students from the Military Academy, the University “Goce Delchev” Shtip, the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, the Faculty for Security Skopje, FON University and the European University entered the second stage of the Summer Campus 2012. This stage encompassed exercises on individual tactics, techniques and procedures for conducting offensive operations and familiarization with the appropriate procedures, tactics and skills applied in stabilization and support operations and enabling and enhancing the civilian authorities to take over the control over the territory and establish an effective governing system. This stage was in duration of 4 days and was conducted through 3 separate concurrent segments.

The first segment of this stage was dedicated to the combat operations applied by the armed forces for enforcing control over the entire territory in conditions of conflict or in a post-conflict situation. A special accent was placed on the civil military operations and counter-insurgent operations. In the framework of this stage, the first-year cadets were introduced to personal weapons, small unit tactics and troop procedures for leading the units in CIMIC and COIN operations in stages 2 and 3 in line with the JOP-5, Ch-III, 11 August 2011. The accent in the course of the training was placed on the tactical combat procedures in the scope of CIMIC and COIN aimed at enforcing control on the territory in conflict or post-conflict regions (these operations are a counterpart of the second and third stage of the spectrum of the offensive operations). Within this part, trainings were conducted on the following topics:

  • Crew (unit) procedures with armoured  personnel carriers in the course of the preparations for march or combat, procedures during march and combat (attack and defence)
  • Movement techniques of the firing unit (hand signals)
  • Conducting foot/m/v patrol
  • Topographic terrain orientation
  • Signals and voice procedures
  • First aid and CASEVAC
  • Permanent checkpoint
  • Mobile checkpoint
  • Ambush
  • Raid

The second part of this stage was dedicated to the stabilization procedures (as the counterpart of stage 4 in the military operations spectrum – stabilization). The participants in this stage were the second year cadets (i.e. the cadets from the participating countries at the campus) and the students from the civilian universities. The focus in the training was placed on the activities and appropriate lines of operations conducting during phase 4 – stabilization of the entire nation building process (post-conflict management). This part covered the following trainings:

  • MEDEVAC/CASEVAC procedures
  • Conducting foot/m/v/ patrol
  • Procedures upon encountering IEDs
  • Permanent checkpoint
  • Mobile checkpoint
  • Ambush
  • Raid
  • Securing the base
  • Insurgent inspection procedures

The third part of this stage – novelty of the SUMER CAMPUS 2012 was dedicated to the stage – 5 of the military operations spectrum – enabling the civilian authorities. The participants in this stage were the third year cadets as well as cadets from the countries abroad or students participating in the SUMMER CAMPUS 2011. The goal of this part was to introduce the cadets and the students with the experience of the possible CIMIC and COIN operations (for implementing the military doctrine and political guidelines) for achieving the end goals in the course of a probable change in the concept of cooperative security. This part covered the following trainings:

  • Cultural differences and traditions
  • Negotiations and mediations (using interpreters)
  • Improvised explosive devices: ТТPs
  • Demining
  • Disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating
  • CIMIC (practical exercise)
  • Cyber terrorism

The topics were selected by the commanders of the groups Lt. Shosholovski Ljupcho, Cap Halil Arhan, Cap. Memeti Memet and Cap. Boban Stojanovski, the NCOs training the groups Senior Sgt. Igor Stojkovski, Sgt. Ljupcho Petrushev and Senior Sgt. Muaremovski Rabim from the Cadet Training Centre enforced by two NCOs from the Training and Doctrine Command Senior Sgt. Sebastijan Zlatanov and Senior Sgt. Jashari Mensur. This stage was implemented with the direct participation and coordination of the Training and Operations Officer in the Cadet Training Centre, Cap. Zlatko Ordevski.

It should mentioned that the success of this stage is the result of the participation of instructors from the 2nd MIB from Shtip who shared their knowledge on the armoured personnel carriers under their possession and operation. Moreover, it should also be underlined that the participation of the commanders from the contingents from the Republic of Turkey, the Republic of Bulgaria, Great Britain, Montenegro and the Republic of Kosovo provided their invaluable contribution and assistance in the implementation of the training in the working groups.