US State Department approves the procurement of light armoured vehicles – STRYKER for the Army of North Macedonia

We would like to inform you that the US State Department has approved the procurement of 54 light armoured vehicles of the “STRYKER” type by the Government of North Macedonia for the needs related to the modernization of the Macedonian Army in accordance with NATO standards.

StrykerThe procurement in the total value of about 210 million dollars is a continuation of the already started multi-year project (2019-2024) for the procurement of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) as the main project in the Long-Term Defence Capabilities Development Plan (LTDCDP) for modernization and equipping of the Army.

By decision of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the project is being realized as a multi-year project in cooperation with the US Government by using the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program, whereby US funds such as ERIP, CRIFF and the 333 program are used and the participation of the US Government will amount to about 20-25% of the total amount.

The project is being implemented as a “Government-to-Government” contract with the US Government and includes the procurement from two renowned US defence contractors, including “Oshkosh Defense” and “General Dynamics Land Systems”. The procurement of the JLTV platform from the Oshkosh Defense company is already under way and thus far all arrangements have been concluded for the procurement of about 40 vehicles from this company.

With the announcement of the determination of the US Congress to approve the signing of the procurement contract for LAV STRYKER from the company General Dynamics Land Systems, we enter the final phase of completing the entire project for equipping with LAV. In accordance with the LTDCDP and the envisaged national budget funds, it is planned in the first phase to procure about 20 “STRYKER” vehicles. Delivery of vehicles is expected to begin in 2022.

The realization of this project for equipping and modernization of the Army, in addition to meeting the requirements for interoperability arising from the NATO Package of Goals’ capabilities, it also enables the Republic of North Macedonia to plan and protect its vital and national interests.

A statement from the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency reads that the proposed procurement “will improve the security of a NATO Ally, which is an important force for political and economic stability in Europe, i.e. it will improve North Macedonia’s capability to meet current and future threats by increasing operational capabilities, force availability, and promote military cooperation”.