Opening ceremony for the exercise ,,Cooperative longbow / lancer 2012″

Today (21 May 2012) an opening ceremony for the exercise “COOPERATIVE LONGBOW/LANCER 2012“ was held in the Training Center Pepelishte. The present at the ceremony were addressed by the Chief of General Staff of the ARM, Major General Gorancho Koteski, the Deputy Minister of Defence Emil Dimitriev and the Joint Force Commander Madrid Lieutenant General Alfredo Cardona Torres.

The Chief of General Staff underlined that the expectations from this exercise are high, primarily due to the planned NATO evaluation Level 2 of the medium infantry company and Level 1 of the medium infantry battalion group which are evaluated in accordance with NATO OCC. I believe that the exercise “COOPERATIVE LONGBOW/LANCER 2012“, which is a very complex exercise from many aspects, will be conducted successfully ad that the successful preparation will enable adopting new NATO standards and improvement of the units declared for peace missions.

Individual and collective preparations in duration of several months preceded the exercise in order to train in various situations envisioned in NATO’s Task List for PSOs.

The opening of the exercise was followed by some of the electronic and written media in the Republic of Macedonia.

In addition, today NATO evaluation LEVEL 2 – CREVAL /Combat readiness evaluation/ of the declared medium infantry company from the 4th mechanized infantry battalion of the 1st mechanized infantry brigade, planned to be part of the EU BG II/2012, as well as of the NBC section from the NBC company were completed.

Tomorrow, 22 May (Tuesday) the activities for evaluation of the medium infantry battalion group will begin as part of the exercise “COOPERATIVE LONGBOW/LANCER 2012“.