Shekerinska – Fenghe meeting: Fighting the pandemic requires unity and mutual support

The Minister of Defence of the People’s Republic of China, General Wei Fenghe, who is on an official visit to North Macedonia, was today welcomed with high military honours at the Ministry of Defence.

On the meeting with Minister Radmila Shekerinska they confirmed the long-standing bilateral defence cooperation, which is based on the Cooperation Agreement from 2004. The defence cooperation between the two countries is particularly active in the domain of military education and training, the study of Chinese military skills and military sports.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the Chinese support in dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, which is a challenge for the whole world. In July 2020 the People’s Republic of China donated to the Army protective medical equipment consisting of face masks, safety goggles, face shield visors, protective suits, gloves, infusion pumps, thermometers and thermal helmets, in a total value of about 250,000 dollars.

“No country can build walls and protect itself from a pandemic if the whole world is not protected. Only when we all fight the same enemy together will we have better and faster results”, the minister said and used the opportunity to request from Minister Fenghe the faster delivery of Chinese vaccines to our country.

At the meeting the Chinese Defence Minister said that the defence cooperation between China and North Macedonia is good, but there is room for strengthening the cooperation in education and military training, crisis management, peacekeeping op-erations and Special Forces training.

“70 countries around the world have approved the use of Chinese vaccines. In China 100 million people have been vaccinated. As a responsible country, China wants to contribute to bring the pandemic under control”, said Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe and announced that he will push for faster delivery of Chinese vaccines to North Macedonia. The Minister also announced the possibility of supporting the Macedonian Army with Chinese vaccines.

At the meeting Minister Shekerinska and her Chinese counterpart Fenghe called for a joint and united response of the world to global challenges.

The official visit of Minister Fenghe to North Macedonia continued with meet-ings with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and President Stevo Pendarovski.