Shekerinska-Federici meeting: North Macedonia’s participation in KFOR is a contribution to NATO’s efforts to stabilize the region

Today, Minister of Defense Radmila Shekerinska had a meeting with KFOR Commander Major General Franco Federici. The meeting was focused on our participation in the KFOR mission, security and stability in the region, as well as the measures taken to deal with Covid-19.

Minister Shekerinska congratulated the KFOR Commander on his mandate and stressed her confidence that security cooperation in the region will continue in the interest of peace of the citizens living in the countries of this region.

Federici expressed his gratitude for the participation of our army members in the KFOR mission and praised their knowledge and skills they demonstrate in performing their tasks. Commander Federici and said that KFOR has open doors for increasing our participation in the mission and expressed his satisfaction with the role that North Macedonia plays as a NATO member in the service of peace and stability in the region.

Minister Shekerinska confirmed the readiness to increase the number of our participants in the NATO mission in Kosovo next year and thanked him for commending the role of our troops in KFOR.

Both interlocutors agreed that peace and stability in the region are in the interest of all countries and that our country’s participation in the KFOR mission is a significant contribution to the Alliance’s efforts for its final stabilization.

Republic of North Macedonia, as the 30th NATO member, began direct participation in the KFOR mission in Kosovo for the first time in November this year, when the first rotation of 44 members of the Army, staff officers and a force protection platoon began operating in the mission’s main command and in KFOR-West Regional Command.

The next rotation in NATO KFOR operation is planned to increase by additional 21 members, totaling thus 65 members, while in July 2021, another 115 members will be deployed to the multinational brigade East.