Meeting Nikolikj – Servert: Intensifying the Cooperation and Integrating into the NATO Integrated Air Defence System

Today, in the Ministry of Defence, Secretary of State Dragan Nikolikj, had met with Lieutenant General Rubén Garcia Servert, Commander of NATO’s southern Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain. During the meeting, the interlocutors discussed the cooperation and the advancement of the opportunities for the members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of North Macedonia to work together with forces from NATO countries and other partners, in the air component.

The topic of discussion on the meeting related to military aviation matter aimed at integrating our defence system into NATO’s collective air and missile defence system. We are working on the integration into the Command and Control (C2) System, which is connected for tracking and detecting aircraft, as well as their interception.

They also discussed the training of personnel at the Torrejón Air Force Base, as well as the engagement of officers of the Army in the Combat Air Operations Centre at Torrejón.

The Secretary of State emphasized that additional efforts were being invested in this period to integrate the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia into the NATO Air Policing system. In addition, he thanked General Servert for his support and guidance in meeting the objectives of the Republic of North Macedonia in the air component.

This meeting in the Ministry happened after the visit of representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Army to the Air Force Base in Torrejón, last year, in order to develop the cooperation in this field, and to achieve the level of full integration into the NATO systems and structures, and transform our Army into an active contributor in the NATO Air Policing system.