Summer Campus 2017 Closing Ceremony

A closing ceremony was held today in the Training Centre Pepelishte for the 8th international higher education defense security project Summer Campus 2017.

At the closing ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Defence Bekim Maksuti underlined that the Summer Campus is an example of presentation of the international cooperation and partnership among the countries in the region and beyond in the field of military education and defence and security in general. “All participating nations are our long-standing partners who are committed to building quality staff and are ready to invest in the future generations of officers” Deputy Minister Maksuti said, adding that with this project the Republic of Macedonia has demonstrated once again that it is strongly committed to the process of building capacities and capabilities that are necessary for the new security challenges.

The Deputy Minister underscored that this year the Summer Campus had interesting topics and a rich program, especially since the topic was placed on the migration crisis and the international military response, and the Campus was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Dojran battle in World War I. “This year the Summer Campus was different from the previous ones, since the focus was on academic elaboration on various topics, but it shared the same goal – establishing a powerful network of future officers and their preparation for future interoperability and cooperation” – Deputy Minister stated.
“I want to tell you to study intensively and work honestly and devotedly. Higher education of every young person is an unforgettable period dedicated to acquiring the most up-to-date knowledge and skills and making new long-lasting friendships. Your large military knowledge and skills, your leadership skills, creativity, courage, ethics and integrity are necessary to the national armed and security forces, but also to the international community. Your education in the same desks, on the same training grounds and the mutual friendships are an investment for deep mutual trust and cooperation in the Region, and in broader terms, in NATO and the EU” Deputy Minister said to the cadets – participants in the Campus.

The Summer Campus was organized in the period from June 27 to July 08, 116 cadets from 12 countries participated in this event, as well as students from Universities in the Republic of Macedonia. Most of the participating countries are leading NATO members, including the United States, Germany, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, as well as the countries from the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia as the host.