State Secretary Nikolic opened the Seminar dedicated to improving security sector cooperation

Today, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Dragan Nikolic, opened the seminar on the topic “Management and Coordination of Security Sector in the Republic of North Macedonia”, which is being realized at the Army Home in Skopje.

Nikolic told the participants that this seminar will give significant contribution towards security and security science, but also to strengthening the security processes and considering the needs for improving the efficiency in identifying and combating modern threats and risks.

“The management and coordination of the security sector should create a positive security atmosphere and be in step with the security policy regarding the protection, maintenance and advancement of the security of our state and its citizens, with our own resources and through active cooperation with the international partners”, the State Secretary said.

The seminar is organized by the Ministry of Defence, and it is realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje. The seminar is attended by representatives of the Army, the Ministries of Defence and Interior and representatives of other state administration bodies related to defence, security and crisis management. The purpose of the seminar is the active stakeholders in the defence and security sector to advance their knowledge and skills and exchange experiences in order for more simplified and more efficient coordination and management.