Shekerinska in a visit of the Light Infantry Battalion in the Shtip barracks: We are creating a unit that will proudly carry the Macedonian flag and also the NATO badge

2021 will be a year of intensive daily training of the Light Infantry Battalion, with the goal of our NATO declared unit, the Light Infantry Battalion Group, to achieve full combat readiness by mid-2022, when it will be assessed according to NATO standards.
Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who today visited the members of the Army that are part of our NATO – declared unit, expressed confidence that although the preparation deadline is short and expectations are high, with the leadership shown and commitment of young soldiers, they are predicting success. She added that both last year and this year, investing in this unit is a priority.

“In 2021 we will put the main emphasis precisely on our capacity in Shtip. Here and during 2020, but especially this year, we will provide really better working conditions, for exercising, for preparation for NATO-led operations. Therefore, I am pleased to say that here the chance for work and for progress will be given to the best young soldiers, NCOs and officers who will meet the higher criteria and who will show results”, said Minister Shekerinska. She added that the trainings began in 2020 together with the teams of the United Kingdom, and now we are continuing those trainings independently.

“We have learned what we can from the allies, now we continue to work on our own and to create a unit that will not only proudly carry the Macedonian flag, but the NATO badge as well”, the minister said.

The Minister pointed out that after many years the Army has a new fully completed combat uniform, and we are also providing new sports equipment for each member of the Army. She stressed that the members of the Light Infantry Battalion have been granted additional allowances and that this year we will begin with the reconstruction of two facilities in Shtip.

Shekerinska said that 2021 is a year in which we will show our place in the Alliance and we will put in practice that we are a committed ally.

“If in 2020, the main positive event for all of us was the membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO, after almost thirty years of waiting or running, in 2021, the focus of all of us in the defence will be to practically prove it and to put in practice what we are like as a member of the Alliance”, the minister concluded.