Shekerinska paying an official visit to Romania: Strong support for the start of EU accession talks

Romania is an active supporter of North Macedonia regarding the start of the accession negotiations with the European Union. This was confirmed at today’s meeting of Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Radmila Shekerinska, with the Romanian Prime Minister, Viorica Dăncilă , and the Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Benjamin Leș , in Bucharest.

“North Macedonia is rightfully expecting the long long-awaited date for opening the accession negotiations with the Union next week, not because we want presents, but because we have well deserved this. The only way for my country to be a modern, European democracy is to place our focus on the future and prosperity of our citizens”, said Minister Shekerinska, who is paying an official visit to Romania.

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă congratulated Shekerinska for the progress of North Macedonia towards NATO and said that Romania actively supports the European path of the country. She offered her assistance in the opening of the chapters in the negotiations with the European Union and said that the opening of negotiations will be a positive impulse for the entire region.

At the meeting with her Romanian counterpart Gabriel Benjamin Leș , Shekerinska said that the two countries have a genuine interest in the enhancement of the defence cooperation. For 2019, she mentioned 16 planned joint activities that are being implemented on time, and the plan for 2020 is in the final stage of harmonization. This plan includes cooperation in military education, professional and specialist training and expert talks in the defence.

The Minister of National Defence, Leș , said that Romania will always be a reliable friend and ally of North Macedonia, adding that he congratulated Minister Shekerinska for successfully completing the steps in the accession in the most powerful military – political alliance of today, the NATO Alliance.

“The fact that there will be 30 allies within NATO, will make the Alliance stronger, and will certainly contribute to improving the security environment in the Balkans”, said Minister Leș.