Shekerinska in Negotino: The new road Krivolak – Pepelishte means better infrastructure for the Army and better conditions for the local population

“NATO membership means higher standards in every part of the work of the Army and defence. Today we are here to see how a typical successful project of military-civil cooperation works”, said Minister Radmila Shekerinska, who together with Negotino Mayor Toni Delkov, inspected today the construction of the road between the village of Krivolak and the Krivolak Range and Pepelishte.

“Last year we announced that with funds from the Ministry of Defence we will provide money for the municipality of Negotino to be able to invest in better road infrastructure that will connect the “Krivolak” Range with the village of Krivolak, and also the village of Krivolak with Pepelishte. I know that many in these populated areas did not believe that we would go from words to deeds, yet we are here today to show that what we promised last year is being realized and will be completed in the next few months”, the Minister said.

Minister Shekerinska pointed out that this road is improving the infrastructure for the Army, but above all it is an opportunity for the citizens in the surrounding areas to live in better conditions and to be better connected. She added that NATO membership means higher standards in every part of the work, including civilian – military cooperation.

We are counting on the development of the capacities of Krivolak, the Minister said and added that every time an event is organized, such as last year’s major military exercise in Krivolak, both the local population, the local community and local infrastructure will be considered. The development of Krivolak Military Range as a NATO resource will also benefit the residents of this area.

“In this way, we will show to all citizens in Negotino and the vicinity of Negotino that it is to their advantage to have the Krivolak Range and that they can count on the support of the Army and the support that we receive from NATO”, the Minister concluded.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Negotino, Toni Delkov, pointed out that this road is essential for the Army; with this road of 6 km we are solving a key problem for both the citizens and the Ministry of Defence.

The regional road between the village of Krivolak and the Military Range, as well as from the Military Range to Pepelishte, is 6 km long, and last year the Ministry of Defence allocated 34 million denars for its construction.