Shekerinska from the Operations Command in Kumanovo: We are honoured that in the year we became a NATO member we are also becoming a host nation of the Southeast European Brigade

“Today we are paying a visit to the Operations Command of our Army, and we are in front of the building that will be the Headquarters of the Southeast European Brigade (SEEBRIG). In September, the Republic of North Macedonia will become the host nation of this brigade, which is one of the strongest regional initiatives, and for six years we will practically host the entire command, with about 40 members of the armed forces from member states and an with additionally more than 10 members from our army”, said the Minister of Defence Radmila Shekerinska today in Kumanovo.

Shekerinska underlined that one of the buildings in the barracks is being adapted for this purpose, as it will be the center of all regional initiatives and regional cooperation in the next 6 years.

“The Brigade is an initiative that unites six countries which was launched in Skopje in 1999, but this is the first time for us to be a host nation of the brigade, and at this time, practically all SEEBRIG member states are already NATO members. So, in the year we become a member of NATO, we also became a host nation to this important regional initiative, and we expect that all preparations for the Headquarters to be completed in June, so that we can formalize the beginning of our mandate as the host nation of the Southeast Europe Brigade”, said the Minister.

She emphasized that, at the moment, 4 major reconstructions of facilities in the Army are underway, along with several projects for modernization of the water supply network, as well as other associated activities in the army facilities.

“Our goal is to bring all the army facilities that are old due to the nature of the work in shape, one by one, so that they will be able to serve as a suitable and quality place for work of the members of the Army. Currently, in addition to this renovation project, reconstruction is also underway in three other facilities in the Ilinden barracks. Moreover, the project for reconstruction of the water supply network in Shtip is almost finalized and we are we are starting a new project in the Prilep barracks”, said Minister Shekerinska.