Shekerinska in Brussels on the meeting of the North Atlantic Council, it is a matter of days before the full-fledged membership of North Macedonia in the Alliance

Today, in Brussels, at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council, Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska is taking part together with the defence ministers of all NATO member countries.

In her press release the Minister said that this was the last time for our country to take part in the NATO meeting as an invitee. At the next meeting we will already be a full-fledged member of NATO because it is a matter of days before our full-fledged membership.

“NATO means setting a fast pace – the meeting of the Defence Ministers of the Alliance is in the same day when the Republic of North Macedonia officially announced the Law on Ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty which sealed our membership in NATO and the day he got the news that the Spanish Parliament has virtually accepted the fast track ratification of our protocol”, said Minister Shekerinska and added that our membership in NATO is truly a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Shekerinska underlined that at today’s meeting we are demonstrating that we are no longer the topic of discussion on the table, but we are an equal member on the table and that our decision and our position is appreciated, respected and influences the decisions made by the Alliance.

The Minister also said that during her visit to Brussels she intends to meet with several colleagues – Ministers of Defence of NATO member countries, and she is to sign the defence cooperation agreement with the UK Secretary of Defence, Ben Wallace.

“With this new agreement on defence cooperation with the United Kingdom, we are literally redefining our relationship, because we are already treated as a member of the Alliance, and our defence cooperation will be a defence cooperation of two allied countries”, she added.

“Our path to NATO was quite long, these are the last steps and we are entering the Alliance with secure strides”, said the Minister.

At today’s session of the Council, the Defence Ministers of NATO countries discuss global security challenges and the development of NATO – missions and operations in the world.