Shekerinska: After many years the barracks in Shtip will get a new water supply, the construction is going at an excellent pace

The Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, inspected today the construction of a new water supply network in the Jane Sandanski barracks in Shtip.

After more than a decade, when it was first alerted for the need to repair the water supply network and nothing had been done, the barracks will receive the new water supply. The Minister said that she expects the new water supply network to be completed by early 2020.

“Today I had the opportunity to take a look at one of the projects that we are implementing in order to improve the working conditions. After many years we have managed to solve one problem in the Shtip barracks, and that is the problem with the water supply. I expect that sometime by the beginning of 2020, we will provide sanitary and drinking water for all members of the Army in the Shtip barracks. And we will continue like that. More than 20 infrastructure projects are in operation. Next year we expect more serious operations where we will renovate complete buildings from the barracks across the whole country. This shows that we as a ministry are part of a government programme to build by plan. If we build by plan it means that we must solve the essential problems: water, basic infrastructure and basic military needs. We will continue to do so because we see NATO membership as a great responsibility of all of us for the Army”, Shekerinska said.

Shekerinska added that NATO membership is important, which means that the Army needs to receive the required support. That is why the defence budget has been increasing over the past two years, salaries for Army personnel are being increased and continuous work is done on the improvement of conditions for Army personnel.