Shekerinska with Army members helping local people in Brajchino: This is further proof that the Army is at the service of its citizens

Today, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, visited the members of the Army who are helping in the relief efforts from the consequences of the storm in the area of Dolna Prespa, the village of Brajchino and the surrounding area.

“Our Army is not only here when it comes to emergencies, but it also offers its support and gives support in various crises, including in dealing with real problems facing state and local authorities”, the minister said and added that this is why the Army enjoys the greatest trust among the citizens.

The Minister pointed out that this is an example of why investments in the Army are important, which is always ready to help the local population.

“When we say we need more investment, more money in our military, in our troops, for our officers for their equipment and their working conditions, we have this in mind. We are not doing this for someone else – we are doing it for ourselves and for our capacities because the Army is really an institution that rightly has the highest trust”, Shekerinska said.

The Minister informed that the soldiers and their officers, together with teams from “Nacionalni sumi (National Forests)” and EVN AD, will carry out relief efforts in the next fifteen days from the consequences of the storm and will eliminate the danger that could have been caused to these populated areas by the dam, caused by the broken trees along the river.

The members of the Army were also visited by General Pavle Arsoski, Commander of the Operations Command, General Zoran Mileski, Director of the General Staff, and Resen Mayor, Zhivko Gosharevski, who thanked the Army for its support to the local population.