Shekerinska with letters of appreciation to Jelko Kacin and the advisory team from the NATO Liaison Office

On the occasion of the Army Day and the membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO, the Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, presented plaques and letters of appreciation to the Slovenian politician Jelko Kacin, who served as Slovenia’s permanent representative to NATO, and to Blerim Koljali and Valentin Dinevski, the former and current advisor at the NATO Liaison Office in Skopje.

Through a video conversation with Kacin this morning Shekerinska expressed her gratitude for the support. “North Macedonia and Slovenia have come a long way together thanks to your commitment and desire to see our country as a NATO member. Now that this common goal of ours has been fulfilled, please receive this small token of gratitude and respect for the efforts you have made, both personally and on behalf of your country while you served as its Permanent Representative to NATO, to assist us when we needed it”, said Shekerinska in the conversation with Kacin.

In the letters that Shekerinska handed over to the representatives of the NATO Liaison Office, together with the plaques, she emphasized the importance of their efforts in the membership of North Macedonia in NATO and their personal contribution in achieving this goal. “With your commitment to the tasks, you have helped build a bridge between the key institutions of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff with NATO structures”, the Minister said, thanking them for making it easier for the country to go through the process of membership in the Alliance.