Shekerinska at the exercise Determined Strike: We have demonstrated that we deserve to be a member of NATO, all compliments go to our soldiers and officers

North Macedonia will become a NATO member, and today we have demonstrated that we deserve this, said Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska after today’s demonstration exercise during the Distinguished Visitors Day on the Decisive Strike exercise.

“The Republic of North Macedonia will soon become the 30th member of the NATO alliance. That means not just sitting at the same table, but joint exercises, joint trainings, joint participation in operations to ensure the peace in our country and the world. We are here today to show all sceptics that North Macedonia has something to offer to the Alliance – it can offer trained, professional soldiers and officers, as well as this great Training Area Krivolak, which also demonstrated its strength, capacity and potential”, said the Minister.

Shekerinska stressed that this was the most obvious, visual demonstration which showed that we have well deserved our place in the Alliance. The Minister paid recognition to the soldiers involved in the exercise for their demonstrated abilities.

“The biggest effort and our greatest compliments should really go to the thousands of soldiers and officers working for more than a month on this goal, especially those hundreds of people who worked nearly two years to make the exercise Determined Strike become a reality. We will become a member of NATO, today we showed that we deserve this. Together we are stronger”, added the Minister.

The Decisive Strike exercise is the largest exercise ever organized in North Macedonia. The event kicked off on 05 June and will last until 9 July. Including over 2 700 members of the armed forces of 6 states – North Macedonia, the USA, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Lithuania.