Shekerinska at the opening of the museum exhibition: We have achieved a lot. North Macedonia has taken its seat at NATO’s table

The invitation to join the Alliance, the signed Accession Protocol, the Agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, numerous decorations and awards presented to the military and state leadership and many other exhibits are part of the Museum exhibition “70 years of NATO and the Republic of North Macedonia, 30th member of the Alliance “, which was opened today at the Military Museum.

A jubilee postal stamp dedicated to the Alliance 70th anniversary was promoted at the exhibition organized on the occasion of 4 April – NATO Day. The issuance of the stamp follows the tradition of issuing the first NATO stamps in 1952 by the United States and Portugal.

“NATO Alliance is the most powerful military and political alliance of today and on this NATO Day, it is good to remind ourselves of the ‘engine’ of this organization, and that is collective defense and security, but perhaps even more importantly, of the spirit and values that are embedded in the foundation of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance – and these are individual freedoms, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law” Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska said at the opening of the exhibition.

The Minister added that we have always marked the NATO Day not only because we believe in the values of the Alliance, but also because we have always had a clear goal to be a part of it. She said that this year, this day is also the day of our country, our citizens.

“Today is better. Today is different. Today, this day is also our day as a country invited to become a NATO member. Today we are proud because our country is sitting on the Alliance’s table along with all its allies, and we expect in the near future to be able to make decisions that will affect global safety, global security and peace in the world” Shekerinska noted.

In the context of NATO membership, the Minister underlined that on this day, the greatest congratulations came from Poland and Slovakia, whose parliaments ratified the Accession Protocol for NATO membership of our country.

“We are celebrating 4 April, believing in a yet more peaceful, secure, and prosperous tomorrow for all of us. Looking through history, through all the settings of this museum exhibition, we remind ourselves where we were, but also what we have accomplished together with a lot of work, with many sacrifices and often painful compromises. Next 4 April, I have no dilemmas on this occasion, that together with these important Documents we will have the last closing document – and it will be the document confirming us as the 30th member of the most powerful military political alliance” Minister Shekerinska concluded.

After the opening of the museum exhibition organized by the Ministry of Defense and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Skopje Office (FES), a panel discussion was held on the topic “70 Years of NATO – Success Due to the Readiness for Change”.

The Chief of General Staff of the Army, General Vasko Gjurchinovski, pointed out at the panel discussion that he is honored to be at the top of the military hierarchy and manage the processes for implementing the standards for full-fledged NATO membership.

“We share the values, principles, but also the responsibilities arising from the membership in the Alliance” Gjurchinovski said.

The panel discussion was attended by Lieutenant General Stuart Skeates, NATO Deputy Commander JFC Brunssum, the retired Generals Ilija Nikolovski and Miroslav Stojanovski, Colonel Zoran Jankovic, Head of NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, FES Director Eva Ellereit and Professor Lidija Georgieva .