Shekerinska on the Day of the First Infantry Brigade: You were our vanguard in NATO

Today, in the “Strasho Pindzur” barracks in Petrovec, the Day of the First Infantry Brigade was marked. The ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Radmila Shekerinska, Deputy Minister Bashkim Hasani, Chief of General Staff Vasko Gjurchinovski and other senior Army officials.

Congratulating the Day to the units that are in the composition of the First Infantry Brigade, Minister Radmila Shekerinska said that their role in the pandemic is crucial. “You were in Debar, you helped secure public buildings, you helped disinfect public areas, you secured the border in support of the police, you were wherever there was a need, and we are grateful for that”, the minister stressed.

“There is no greater pride than serving your people. You give encouragement to the citizens. But you were and are our representatives in the missions in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq, and today in KFOR. With your participation in the missions you were our vanguard in NATO”, Shekerinska noted.

Regarding the Light Infantry Battalion that is in the composition of the First Infantry Brigade, the Minister said that it is our membership card in NATO and that the standards introduced in its training and equipping will further apply to the entire Army.

“We strived for a well-paid Army, and because of that the salaries in the Army constantly grew. We advocated for a highly motivated Army, and that is why together we fought for each member of the Army to receive additional benefits such as the housing allowance. We also strived for a well-equipped, trained and efficient Army and that is why for the first time we have an Army that has a full uniform and full equipment from head to toe and from last summer full sportswear. We managed to equip the engineering unit with engineering vehicles and equipment. We are procuring new light armoured vehicles. So that you can, so that the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia can show what it knows, what it can and what it is able to do”, stressed Minister Shekerinska.

The Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurchinovski, praised the members of the First Infantry Brigade for their professionalism, quality and results in performing their tasks, and stressed that the citizens and the state leadership recognize these results. In the coming period, he said, the brigade will face a number of tasks, including the continuation of assistance to the Ministry of Interior in dealing with the migration crisis and securing the southern and part of the northern border, as well as intensive exercises and training, for which he expressed confidence that they will be carried out successfully like thus far.

The First Infantry Brigade, as a higher joint tactical unit in the composition of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, is a combat force that provides ready forces for protection and support of national interests in natural disasters, epidemics, and other dangers inside the country, and outside the territory of the country it fulfils the international military obligations by participating with declared units in peacekeeping missions.